Industrial grade SDR for Proof-of-Concept and rapid prototyping

Versatile and deployable package shortening time-to-market

4 or 8 RF channels @ 200MHz bandwidth ea.

center frequency 70MHz - 6GHz

automatic phase sync among all RF channels

user programmable FPGA incl. starter package

onboard ARM cores with Linux

comprehensive software package supporting GNUradio and Matlab

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Software Defined Radio (SDR)

The core of the N.A.T. Software Defined Radio is a single board unit in a ready-to-deploy industrial format, offering either 4 or 8 RF interfaces. The unit can be easily cascaded to larger systems and mixed with other function modules, i.e. providing up to 48 RF channels or less with additional compute resources in a 2U 19” foot print. The unique combination of an all-programmable FPGA incl. integrated ARM® cores and a separate state-of-the-art RF front-end enables a broad range of SDR appliances such as:

wide band receiver and transmitter

direction finding and jamming

special test equipment

proof-of-concept setups including custom waveforms and beamforming

remote radio head (RRH) for phased antenna arrays, e.g. mMIMO

Core features & benefits:

4 or 8 RF channels per radio unit

ARM cores @ Linux

large FPGA for customer use

multiple radio units cascadable and synchronizable

200MHz channel bandwidth

fast frequency hopping

support for external PA

onboard FPGA including starter package

center frequency 70MHz - 6GHz

automatic phase synchronization among all unit and system RF channels

GPIOs for FPGA and ADC at front panel

comprehensive software package including sample applications and Python scripts

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The N.A.T. Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution provides maximum density and flexibility in a turn-key format. The core unit offering up to 8 RF interfaces can be easily cascaded and mixed with other function modules to larger 19” or custom systems. The unique technical characteristics and features paired with a comprehensive software support makes the solution an ideal SDR platform for development and turn-key deployment.

About N.A.T.

Founded in 1990 with the aim of developing high-performance network interfaces for industrial computers, N.A.T. is a privately owned and financed company with headquarters in Bonn, Germany and certified distributors and sales agents worldwide.

N.A.T. provides solutions “Made in Germany” for wired and mobile networks based on common hardware standards for i.e. the communication, defense & aerospace and test & measurement markets. The portfolio includes turn-key and application-ready systems, highperformance network interfaces, protocol stacks, single/multi-core network processors, intelligent switches and system controllers for communication applications requiring scalability and flexibility. N.A.T. became one of today’s international leading edge suppliers for solutions for wired and mobile networks. Today’s main focus is on Software Defined Radio for special solutions for 4G and 5G based networks.

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